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38 High Street, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3DR
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Just an update - my lower jaw prep had been done - waiting for the last of the bridges and an eye tooth that was to be a supporting post decided to suddenly go bad...which meant an emergency visit and root canal work, without sedation! The thought of this terrified me. However Peter did the treatment, drilled out the root relieving the pain - but did not hurt me at all. Let me repeat that - no pain from the root canal work at all. Absolutely brilliant!
I discovered I had peridontal disease, teeth loose and starting to fall out - Dr Watt has been absolutely superb on my journey. I don't like dentists, I have had an absolute dread of the drill etc in the past. Peter has been superb on my journey from a toxic mouth with unsightly teeth to 12 months later 2 bridges, healthy gums and educating me in how to keep my mouth that way. As others have said, a great practice, great staff and all very clean. Still not keen on dentists per se - but Peter is patient and gentle, and I now have a mouth and teeth to be proud of - Thanks you all.
Mr Peter Watt the best dentist ever!! I have been a customer of peter for 30 years amazing service you won't find better, lovely polite staff, very welcoming, lovely clean & bright practice!! Thankyou Peter for my implants their just brilliant!!!!
I've lived in Southampton all my life, but needed a dentist just when I started working in West End, and one of my colleagues recommended Dr Watt. I'm so grateful, Peter is better than any dentist I have been treated by in the past, his manner is calm and friendly, and my smile is perfect now after only a couple of treatments. If you're in Southampton and need a dentist, you need to see Peter!
About Dental Health Practice
The dental health practice has been established since 1983 years and we pride ourselves in being able to offer a high standard of family dentistry across the Southampton area and beyond. Our cosmetic dental treatments are varied and complement our general dental procedures and hygienist work.

We are located on West End High Street in an air-conditioned building for your comfort. Complimentary cooled water, fresh coffee and a selection of teas are available in our reception area along with a variety of current magazines and daily newspapers. We also run CAESY patient information on our TV in reception - an excellent way to find out just what modern dentistry can offer you.
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