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Just over two years ago, fed up with continuously failing teeth, such as roots cracking and crowns falling out, I decided to investigate implants and as I was already a patient at Debenham Dental Practice, and implant surgery was offered there, my initial dicussions were with Sentill. It looked like a lot of work and a lot of money, so I also looked at the options being offered online. I could have saved a lot of time and money, but decided that it would be better to stay local and I am so glad I did. It turned out that over a period of time several existing problems with my jaw bones were identified, to such an extent that I was referred to the Norwich Hospital for a two hour operation to correct existing issues before the implant process could even begin. Once the implants were placed Sentil monitored them most carefully with X-rays before moving on to the next stage. As a result of which it was found that one section of bone had wasted following the original implants. This was corrected with a bone graft and an additional implant for added security. Various other small issues arose and it was obvious that Senthil would accept nothing less than perfection from the dental laboratory, which caused further delays, but it is now a week since the final fitting and the joy of having a mouth full of teeth, that are so comfortable they feel like the originals is wonderful, and well worth the expence and discomfort of many length visits. In conclusion I am pleased that I had this work done, and even more pleased that I had it done locally by Senthil.
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Here at Debenham Dental, we pride ourselves on providing dental care excellence for everyone in Debenham and beyond.

We have been established in this beautiful area of Debenham for over 7 years and we take great pride in serving the community with expert dental care. We believe preventative treatment is a priority, meaning you can maintain a good standard of oral health and keep dentally fit for life. We would be pleased to advise you on the best measures you can take to benefit your oral health. It has been clinically proven that oral health has a direct link to general health, which is why, regular visits to your dentist & hygienist are extremely important, and not only for keeping your smile looking its best!
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