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110 Dental is the best! I had root canal treatment by Beth in 2016, after a bad experience with a local dentist. I was impressed by Beth's qualifications and the fact that she teaches at the Eastman Hospital. The procedure itself was painless during and after. Beth is friendly and professional and put me at my ease. The same bad local dentist then broke another tooth (do I ever learn?) and Henry did a great job of repairing it in 2022 with a custom made ceramic insert. Henry is also very pleasant and I was comfortable throughout. In 2023 I saw David who is also great. He made a repair to a back tooth and took a lot of time and trouble to get that exactly right. He also took time to understand my history and what had happened with the bad dentist. Overall, the 110 Dental team, including Maureen and Sue on reception, make the experience special and enjoyable.
I went to see Mr Hoy on Thursday 18 February because I was concerned that my large, 35 year old, bridge was breaking down. and it was he who put it in originally. A lesser person could have said that it was finished and I needed a new one - with a large cost attached. Not only did Henry say my bridge was structurally sound,, for good measure he dealt with some sharp little bits on other teeth while I was there. It was actually one of those little bits plus food debris under one tooth that was causing me concern. I have followed his advice and no longer have a problem. I now live in Southern Ireland and nobody, but NOBODY, gets to deal with my teeth except Dr William Henry Hoy. Teresa
When I was younger I was terrified of going to the dentist and had false teeth at the age of 16. Then I found Henry Hoy. He gave me a large bridge over 30 years ago and has helped me to keep my tetth and the bridge ever since. I movede aborad over 20 years ago and Henry always seems surprised that I continue to visit him but to me it is a 'no brainer' - although he himself has suggested that I find a dentist closer to home, I have tried 3 times and regretted it. If Henry moved to America I would just need the name of the nearest airport. If he did move, I hope he would take his staff with him and they are brilliant. Teresa B
I first visited Henry almost 30 years ago. At that time my teeth were in a poor state and had not been helped by my previous, incompetent dentist (idiot would be a better word) however, within a short time, Henry had completely turned the situation around, I was so pleased. He has a professional but gentle manner of explaining any necessary procedures which together with the up-to-date equipment and technology he uses provide a more pleasant and less-painful experience than that normally associated with visiting the dentist. Even though I have now moved abroad, I will continue to remain one of Henrys patients.
Henry has been my dentist for the last 25 years or so, and the level of service I have received in this time from Henry and his team has been fantastic. Along with first class routine work, Henry has also carried out cosmetic work that has given me a smile that fills me with pride and joy. Thank you Henry and team, and keep up the great work.
About 110 Dental
Our aim is to promote good dental health for you and your family through preventative dentistry. This means giving you regular dental advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth, thereby reducing the need for dental treatment.

When active treatment is required we will provide the very highest standards of dental care. We are committed to continuing education for the whole dental team.

Special services for special patients

At II0 dental a complete range of private cosmetic treatments are available including: crowns, bridges, veneers, ceramic inlays, white fillings, teeth whitening and dentures.

We offer the latest computerised CEREC 3 CAD CAM technology to design and mill metal free natural ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers from an electronic scan in one visit.

Computerised digital radiography, intra oral and extra oral digital photography and Zeiss surgical microscope are used to ensure precise diagnosis and to plan, explain and carry out agreed treatments.

Dr Hoy is a member of BDA, BDBS, BSCD, BES and has a special interest in endodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Fully qualified and experienced hygienists are available and are trained in all aspects of periodontal care including scaling and polishing teeth, fissure sealing, periodontal monitoring and giving advice on promoting oral health.

All dental treatment is carried out privately at this practice. This ensures that the very highest quality of treatment is provided for all patients. Treatment estimates are calculated according to our published scale of fees and treatment commences once consent has been given. Estimates and receipts are provided for all patients.

All restorative and endondontic procedures, minor oral surgery and periodontal surgery are provided for you at II0 dental.
Facilities for disabled patients

Our practice is on the ground floor and with a little care is accessible to wheelchairs. Although the toilet area will not accommodate a wheelchair, help will be given if required.
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