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5 stars in all areas. The staff (both dental and reception) lovely and polite. Been into the surgery quite a few times and I have never once waited past me appointment time, often I will turn up early and been seen early. The surgery is clean and the pricing plans are made clear in reception. Both the dentists and the assistants are very good at putting you at ease while making the process quick and painless. However they do not rush you and will explain anything you wish to know. Another good point is that even though they give you your appointment time when you book, they will send you 2-3 reminders so that you don't forget! :)
I found Mr Cyrus Parvis a nice person to talk to as were his staff.He had a crome top plate made for me which I am very pleased with,I had one made at another PRACTICE 3 years ago and it was not as good as this one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
As pleasurable as a trip to the dentist can be The only thing that was unpleasant was having to pay
I am pleased, how all the staff are very friendly evertime i'm at the practise. Only down side is Mr Cyrus parvis on works a Tuesday which sometime does not suit me. But staff are helpful and do find confident times to suit me. Mr Parvis is polite and friendly, he always talks to me but i usaul only answer yes and no answers as, hate the places just want to get out of there, this is no reflection on the practise this is my own personnel fear.
I don't normally like going to the dentist but this practice always makes me feel at ease and they are so patient and sensitive when treating me.
I have always had a fear of dental treatment and am very tense when visiting, Mr Parvis is patient and always reasuring, he is never critical but gives sound advice. Despite moving away from Coventry I have remained with his practice as I have come to trust him. My dental health has improved under his care.
Very satisfied
Great service all round very impressed
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